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What Does DNA Testing Tell You?

It is now becoming more common to use DNA testing to identify a person’s lineage. By linking maternal DNA and paternal DNA, the ancestry databases can be linked to other people whom you might be related to effectively. Therefore, it helps you learn your ancestral origin and to where you actually came from.

First thing that genealogist needs to start with the DNA testing is the father to son linkage that tracks the Y-chromosome which only men have. For this reason, they can observe the Y-chromosome that appears in people and start comparing them to know where the paternal link might be present. This makes it possible for the genealogist to learn about the paternal links among people. Another thing that could be done is by linking maternal DNA. Its mitochondria lets it track several generations of your ancestry, making it as the most powerful and effective method.

Not like the DNA found in nucleus, it changes as the environment is changing and therefore can be altered, mitochondrial DNA is more of a direct connection from the child to the mother that couldn’t be changed or modified. By getting a sample of the maternal DNA which is different than the DNA in the nucleus, it helps the genealogist to determine the maternal linkage. By acquiring such information, once again, it lets them find lost cousins or even celebrity ancestors.

Can this be very effective in terms of tracing family line and how they could tell who you are related to? There are websites that are about ancestry that have created DNA database and match it against yours. By taking mouth swab and running the DNA tests, they save the DNA profile that’s collected. The key here is for them to compare the DNA profiles of other people to what your profile is. In other words, this creates a huge database that helps to determine a piece of code instantly that’s directly comparable to you. With this in mind, when the database keeps on growing, it becomes more useful in linking people to both their relatives and ancestors.

Not only that, DNA tests can tell you where you came from originally. It has been said that 170000 years ago, humans migrated their home from Africa. Some of them have gone to Southern Africa, Europe and others went to Asia. The DNA tests can show the person’s descendant by comparing their DNA profile to the researched ethnic groups. This is why performing DNA testing to find ancestors is starting to amass popularity amongst people.

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